Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Bespoke Wedding Cakes
Now I know most brides/grooms will be googling wedding cakes, browsing Pinterest or even cake magazines for the perfect cake. BUT your perfect cake hasn’t been designed yet. Copying someone else’s cake design doesn’t make it unique to you, it’s not personal or bespoke. And I for one, won’t copy another cake maker’s design. Instead, decide why you like that particular cake, maybe it’s a certain tier, or a particular colour or finish? Your consultation with your cake designer is the perfect place to share all your ideas. Then let your cake designer work their magic!


Now you’ve explored all your ideas, pictures etc, you can expect your cake designer to do some sketching (this is where I always apologise for my drawing skills, but they get the gist, I am no Van Gogh!) while you sit back and enjoy some more tea and cake. Sometimes a second consultation may be needed, so the designer can have a little longer to create their masterpiece to your liking. However, they give the customer the visual idea of what you can expect to see on your wedding day.

You may be a bride/groom who┬áis happy for your cake designer to decide the finer details on your cake; ribbon colour, laces, etc or you may have more specific ideas and want to decide yourself…..either is fine, it’s your cake, you can decide as much or as little as you like.


Wedding Cakes

To create your perfect wedding cake, we will offer you a consultation where we will discuss your requirements, sketch some designs and where most importantly you get to eat cake! Consultation These are held at Cheryl’s home. It’s a good idea to bring along any ideas; samples, colour swatches, etc and anything that you think… Continue Reading

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