Wedding Cake Consultations

So you’ve booked your wedding cake months, maybe years ago, but now it’s time to decide on the finer details……size? tiered? cupcakes? naked cake? frosting? icing? design? flowers?
‘But, it’s a minefield’, you say?
Well worry not, as that’s what a cake designer/maker will help you decide!!
You’re paying not just for the cake, but to use the knowledge and artistic ability (some say cake making is an art) of your cake designer. So use them! get your money’s worth!
As a cake designer, I love nothing more than being able to share ideas and sketch designs.
 Wedding Cake Consultations - Sugar Pie Barrow-in-Furness

So, what to expect?

Well expect to eat cake!! Therefore, I suggest not to arrive on a full stomach after eating lunch. On the other hand it’s not a 3 course meal, so don’t expect to be served half a Victoria sponge either!
Wedding Cake Consultations - Sugar Pie Barrow-in-Furness

What do you bring?

Bring with you anything that will give your cake designer an insight into your wedding style/theme……items like your invitations, colour swatches, pictures of your dress, table centres and flowers. Basically, whatever you think will help to inspire your cake designer to create your perfect cake!


So, you’ve tasted the cakes and you’re happy with the design. So, the important part; which flavour? If you’re having a tiered cake, expect to be able to choose 1 flavour for each tier…this means everyone will get a choice. Cupcakes? Expect to be able to choose 1 flavour for around every 12 cupcakes…each cake maker will be different, but this is what I allow.
Wedding Cake Consultations - Sugar Pie Barrow-in-Furness

The big day!!

Finally your big day has arrived. How do you get your cake? Well, most cake designers will recommend delivering your cake to your venue, so that it arrives in 1 piece! There will no doubt be a small delivery charge. And believe me, it is worth every penny. I would never suggest you collect your cake on your own, especially if you did end up going all out for that 7 tier masterpiece!! I myself liaise directly with the venue, so would have arranged a suitable time to deliver the cake, all while you are none the wiser and getting pampered, preparing for the ceremony!
The cutting of the cake is usually done in the evening, with mock up pictures sometimes taken during the day….but again this is entirely up to yourselves. The venue will then whisk your cake away to be carved up into ample sized portions, ready to be brought back out for your guests and yourselves to enjoy! The best part in my opinion!!


Wedding Cakes

To create your perfect wedding cake, we will offer you a consultation where we will discuss your requirements, sketch some designs and where most importantly you get to eat cake! Consultation These are held at Cheryl’s home. It’s a good idea to bring along any ideas; samples, colour swatches, etc and anything that you think… Continue Reading

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